Great Service, Real Estate Knowledge


Dean Mitchell is a valued friend I have admired for years for his friendly personality, quick wit,, wide knowledge. and tireless professional activity.

I have often consulted him for advice on home-improvement projects and found his advice unfailingly sound and helpful.

So it's not surprising that I turned to Dean as our real estate agent when we decided to sell our house and move away.

From start to finish -- from evaluating the property, deciding on a price, publicizing the offer, preparing the house for sale and following through with prospective buyers to the final closing (to be accomplished shortly) -- Dean has provided invaluable help and support. We would have been lost without him. He devoted an enormous amount of energy to promoting the sale and provided constant support and advice we found invaluable.

I would heartily recommend Dean to anyone in the community who is planning to put a house on the market -- or is looking for a place to buy.


Martin McReynolds


"Dean is a very professional agent, and I have used his services and advice on multiple occasions. He has provided very good results. I would highly recommend him."
- Vinay Patel


"A highly motivated person. He has values, integrity, and honesty is his best policy."
- Irwin Levy


"We first met Dean Mitchell when we originally purchased our home twelve years ago. At that time, we were deeply impressed with his integrity and genuine interest in representing us that we knew if we ever had any future real estate needs, he would be our agent again.
My husband and I have recently had the pleasure of working with Dean on the sale of our property in Santa Rosa. All of our real estate transactions were handled with a high level of integrity, professionalism, and deep concern for us in the sale of our home. From_the initial stages of listing our property to the dose of escrow (about a month), questions were always answered and we were guided through the process smoothly. We are so grateful."
- John and Shirley Turnbull


"In a period of just less than seven weeks, the home was staged, listed, sold, and closed in what was a difficult market for your area. Initially priced at the upper end of comparable real estate, the home then sold quickly for a $25,000 premium above the asking price. Dean completed all the paperwork remotely, as my husband and I reside in Albuquerque, NM. I cannot emphasize enough what an extraordinarily fine job Dean did for us. It couldn't have been easier for me as the trustee of the estate, which was welcome with all the other estate business we had to complete. The title 'True Professional' was deservedly earned."
- Melinda Lorenzen

Special Treatment!

"We sure do appreciate all you have done for us on this current deal. It is nice to know that we've got the guy who knows how to make decisions in this weirdly competitive market. Thank you for spending so much time with us. We know you are going above and beyond and we can't help but feel we are getting special treatment from our relationship.
I hope we can return the favor some day. Thank you."
- Liz Rhodes


We wish to share with you, with great satisfaction, how pleased and happy we were to be represented by Dean Mitchell in the successful sale of our home here in Santa Rosa, CA.
To begin with, Dean helped us to secure this same property when we moved here from out of state
over eight years ago. He assisted us on two early visits to view properties, and then via the internet, we viewed, and subsequently flew in to see, and ultimately purchase, our home with Dean's help. Dean
further helped us to secure professionals to help prepare this house for our arrival some weeks later. Everything was in order, thanks to Dean's fine management and follow through. After driving for five days, he met us in The Flamino Hotel parking lot and directed us to our home, not having a clue
where we were really going to live. Happy we were to discover that we found a great house in a
wonderful area. Again, thanks to Dean.
Because of our prior successful experience with Dean, we asked for his services once again in the
hopes of selling this house and returning from whence we came. Dean came over to talk to us about the realities of the market, etc. Not to be daunted, we followed through on all the advice he gave us, including the staging of our home. Like magic, the home sold within hours of the sign going up, for
full price! Not to be saddened, that buyer backed out. However, two weeks later, we had another
buyer, at the full price we had re-listed it for.
Dean is an impeccable paper-keeper. He doesn't miss a detail. He wants to protect himself and his
clients. He is a great "look out" realtor, keeping all the bases covered to get that home secured, safe, and sound. What better analogy could we make! We appreciate all that he has done to make sure that our house sale was done properly, neatly, and correctly, so we would not be disappointed. And he is a truth-teller. He makes no promises and tells it like it is. That's why he does what he does, and the way he does it, works for his clients, and it did with us.
We appreciate Dean's being there for us for our past purchase, and our present home sale. He was
there to welcome us when we arrived in California, and we thank him as we wave "Good-Bye" as we
leave on our return trip.
Peppy and Irv Levy

On Top of Everything!

Dear Broker,
My wife JoAnne and I would like to commend highly Dean Mitchell, who provided extraordinary
service last summer in selling the Santa Rosa home of JoAnne's mother, Colette.
The preparation and sale process was anything but simple. Colette and her late husband had lived in the house for 35 years. Colette was unable to materially assist, so co-trustee JoAnne was the official
signatory on all documents during the negotiation process, but I served as the official "legal filter" first.
As JoAnne and I live here in Santa Cruz, Dean had to communicate with me here, JoAnne sometimes here, and sometimes in Santa Rosa. JoAnne was busy helping Colette relocate to an assisted living
Dean went above and beyond the call of duty, doing things that would in normal circumstances be
done by the seller: • He arranged for well and septic inspections
• He sold items in the house, barn, shed, and garage that were no longer needed
• He secured multiple dumpsters and labor for discarding what was not sold
• He secured a buyer for my father-in-law's 1929 Rolls Royce(!) that hadn't been driven for 15 years
• He hired help to keep the premises tidy
• He arranged for The Church of the Incarnation rummage sale representatives to take things they could sell
• He personally took hazardous materials to recycling stations
• He staged the house for sale by arranging for some indoor painting, removing dark shutters and drapes, trimming shrubbery, and providing furnishings
• And he donated a portion of his commission to the Pastoral Care Ministry at the church.In short, Dean was on top of everything.
He was prompt via phone and email in keeping us informed during negotiations, and helpful in
recommending listing prices and terms of counter offers. He was impeccable in keeping track of all details of the myriad of forms and disclosures.
Due to Dean's efforts, the house sold relatively quickly in today's challenging market, and at a good price.
On top of his professionalism, Dean was always upbeat and encouraging. One could hardly ask for a more pleasant person to deal with. l recommend Dean without reservation to anyone looking to buy or sell in Santa Rosa.
Tom and JoAnne Pennello


Dean Mitchell just sold us our home in Oakmont, an adult community outside Santa Rosa, CA. We
could not have been luckier in finding Dean. If not for his help, I do not believe we would be in the
home we love today.
Dean is an incredibly knowledgeable agent, as well as conscientious in meeting his responsibilities to his clients.
Dean helped us to find a home that met all of our qualifications in a very short period of time, in a
market where there were few homes available for sale.
He kept us informed every step of the way, making sure we understood exactly what was happening and what we needed to know about the house we were planning to buy.
Dean made himself easily available to take us through the house when we wanted to go back several times to look. He helped us to see the house thoroughly, pointing out things we might have
overlooked in our excitement, when doing our initial walk-through.
Dean made sure that all our contingencies were met before we signed off.
As well as belonging to many real estate professional organizations, helping people like us finding a home we can love, Dean gives his time to helping others through many different local charitable
It was a pleasure working with Dean. We felt complete trust in his honesty and integrity as a realtor, as well as his competence.
Along with all his attributes as a realtor, Dean is a pleasure to know as an individual. He is fun,
knowledgeable and interesting. He made this entire process of finding and purchasing a new home easier and more fun than we had ever experienced in the past.
I would highly, and I do mean very highly, recommend that you look up Dean Mitchell of Bradley
Associates in Santa Rosa when you are on a search for a new home. Dean is an exceptional realtor and working with him to find the home you want is an experience you will not regret.
Harry and Kathy Kleiser